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Toward Healthy Aging Human Needs and Nursing 11th Edition 2023 PDF

Provide holistic, compassionate nursing care for older adults! Based on evidence-based protocols, Toward Healthy Aging, 11th Edition helps you master gerontological nursing skills with an approach thatfocuses on health, wholeness, and the potential in aging. In promoting healthy aging, the text emphasizes caring and respect for the person. Special sections provide an honest look at the universal experience of aging. Written by gerontological nursing experts Theris A. Touhy and Kathleen F. Jett, this classic text helps you learn to apply scientific research, build critical thinking skills, and prepare for success on the NCLEX® exam and in clinical practice.

  • Promoting Healthy Aging: Implications for Gerontological Nursing sections help you apply concepts to assessments and interventions.
  • A Student Speaks and An Elder Speaks sections at the beginning of every chapter provide perspectives of older people and nursing students.
  • Nursing Studies provide practice examples designed to assist you in assessment, planning, interventions, and outcomes to promote healthy aging.
  • Learning objectives in every chapter introduce important content and define learning goals and expectations.
  • Key concepts provide a concise review of the most important points found in each chapter.
  • Critical Thinking Questions and Activities help you apply concepts and build clinical judgment skills.
  • Safety Alerts emphasize QSEN competencies and safety issues related to care of older adults.
  • Tips for Best Practice boxes summarize evidence-based nursing interventions for practice.
  • Research Highlights boxes summarize important research studies in the field of gerontology
  • Research Questions include suggestions and ideas for pursuing nursing research.
  • Healthy People boxes reference the goals cited in Healthy People 2020.
  • NEW! Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN) examination-style case studies at the end of chapters include questions to help you prepare for the NGN exam.
  • NEW! Completely updated content helps you develop clinical judgment skills, identified by the NCSBN and the AACN as a key attribute of professional nursing.
  • NEW! Updated topics include COPD guidelines, theories of aging, medication use and misuse, palliative care, wound care guidelines, genomic research, and LGBT family relationships and sexualty in older adults.

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