The Roles of Midwives

  1. We know from history that the title of a midwife is a very old one but in the olden times, midwifery training did not exist and because of this, the maternal and foetal mortality rate was very high.
  2. Gradually over the centuries, conditions have improved until today, no person is allowed to practise midwifery unless she has been thaught a full course of instruction and training and has passed the necessary examinations. Even then she must notify her intention to practise to the nurses and midwives council or other governing body and this must be done every year. Any midwife who has done this comes under the complete control of this body and must conform to the rules laid down by them.
  3. The midwife of today is very responsible person and it is for this reason that it is vital that her training must be of the highest possible standard.
  4. She always has the lives of both the mother and the baby in her hands and must always know how to act in any emergency so as to be able to try and preserve these lives. To be able to do this, she must have a perfect knowledge of all conditions which may occur during pregnancy, labour, delivery and the puerperium.
  5. She must always remain and act calmly. If she delays she must be the cause of either the mother or baby or both. She should always consider herself as a member of a team. She cannot work alone.
  6. There must be good relationship between the midwife and other members of the team. These include doctors, other midwifery students, the workers in the pharmacy, laboratory, messengers and cleaners and anyone who in anyway, however small is connected with midwifery.
  7. The relationship between herself and doctors and her fellow midwives is of the utmost importance, otherwise there will be lack of co-ordination and patient will suffer because of this she must be a teacher.
  8. Educating a pregnant woman is very important, so she must be able to impart knowledge to her patient which will be of help to them and must always be ready to listen and talk to her patients.
  9. She must always be prepared to perform any task in caring for her patients, never say it is not my job. Everything is your job.
  10. Cleanliness, tidiness, punctuality, attentiveness, interest in her work and ability to understand and carry out orders correctly and to accept corrections when needed are all essential in making of a good midwife.
  11. A midwife must always be on alert and be able to give everything to her work. To be able to do this, she must always be ready to learn from others even when she has qualified.
  12. Unless she accepts all these, she can never give what you yourself do not posses.
  13. Finally it is most important for the midwife to have a sense of respect for all other members of the team and also to her patients and relatives.
  14. Politeness does not cost anything and it is never a waste of time. Other people will respect you if you respect others.

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