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The Power and Pain of Nursing: Self-Care Practices to Protect and Replenish Compassion PDF

Your calling to alleviate suffering inspires your every move as a nurse to do the beautiful work you do. But if you’re sacrificing self-care as you care for other people, the intensity of nursing can transform into fatigue and overwhelm that affects your entire life.

Your clinicals taught you medicine, but you need extra skills to train your mind, body, and soul for healthcare work.

In collaboration with Dominic O. Vachon MDiv, PhD, and MJ Murray Vachon, LCSW, CMFT, Beth Cavenaugh, RN, BSN, CHPN, offers the nurse’s tool kit to stay grounded, tend to yourself with kindness, and minimize professional burnout. Full of simple and effective resources based on the science of compassion, this 30-day guide will help you renew your spirit so you can compassionately take care of your patients, your family, and most importantly, yourself.

You’ll discover:

  • How to boost your composure and compassion while caring for an aging, sick, or dying patient.
  • Simple daily reflection and embodiment exercises to bolster your mental health and prevent burnout.
  • Meditation practice to breathe and recharge when facing workdays of loss, death, and grief.
  • A gear-shifting care plan that eases your transition from work to home after intense shifts.
  • Strategies to advocate for yourself and your fellow nurses—because empowered clinicians provide better care.

With the right tools, your medical career can be an ongoing journey of love and resilience rather than exhaustion and depletion. Get The Power & Pain of Nursing for the compassionate support to heal your spirit while you help heal the world.

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