Drain's PeriAnesthesia Nursing 8th Edition PDF and EPUB

Trusted for more than 30 years, Drain's PeriAnesthesia Nursing: A Critical Care Approach, 8th Edition provides comprehensive clinical content tailored specifically for perianesthesia nurses. An easy-to-use format with five distinct sections ― covering the PACU, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, nursing care, and special considerations ― means you get the equivalent of five books in one. Nursing and pharmacologic interventions are integrated with in-depth coverage of pathophysiology, and updated content includes the latest standards and current issues affecting perianesthesia nursing practice. Focusing on research, documentation, and psychosocial considerations, this is the one book that can take you all the way from being a novice nurse in the PACU to preparing for CPAN® or CAPA® certification!

  • Five separate sections provide comprehensive coverage, including the PACU, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, nursing care, and special considerations.
  • Coverage of current policies and issues affecting perianesthesia nursing practice includes patient safety, infection control, managed care implications, pain management, and bioterrorism.
  • Comprehensive information on the various types of anesthetic agents familiarizes you with what will be used in the PACU.
  • Special Considerations section details the care of patients with conditions such as malignant hyperthermia, substance abuse, sickle cell anemia, and cardiac arrest.
  • UPDATED! Revised content throughout provides the most up-to-date information for effective perianesthesia nursing practice.
  • NEW! Full-color layout makes content more visually appealing and highlights important information.
  • NEW! Information on SARS/COVID-19 is now included in the Pathogens chapter.
  • NEW! Chapter on International Care of the Perianesthesia Patient offers complete coverage on this key topic.
    • UPDATED! Coverage of pain management for the perianesthesia patient features the latest guidelines.
    • UPDATED! Patient with Chronic Disorders chapter provides current information on caring for these patients.
    • UPDATED! Evidence-Based Research boxes provide the latest standards of care.

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